MTC Provo, Utah

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Dear Family and Friends,
     I made it to the MTC (or CTM as you would say in Portuguese)!  I’m trying to type as fast as I can to get in as many details that I can, but the p-day computers have been typed on so vigorously that the letters are half faded off of the key board and it is really psyching me out and interrupting my WPM.

I got the the MTC Wed. night and I was absolutely loving the orientation and all things missionary. Day 2 was our first lesson day and there we found out that we were expected to plan our first 30 min lesson for an investigator the next day IN PORTUGUESE!!!! I was freaking out at first and it was super stressful, but we’ve been teaching lessons to investigators in Portuguese every day since and I feel sooooo much more at ease! Our investigator’s name is Leandro and he is such an insightful man, it is really cool seeing how the Gospel works on people (even if the investigator is paid to be there, I know we all can feel the Spirit). It’s kind of funny, in our district there were only 4 sisters! (Imagine a district all of sisters 🙂 . My first companion was Sister Taylor from Florida and she didn’t speak any Portuguese (or Spanish). During our lessons with Leandro he would ask a question that we would understand, but our Portuguese is so limited that we didn’t know how to answer. I’d look to Sister Taylor and she just shrugged her shoulders, then I racked my brain to try and use words and hand signals to convey an answer lol. It’s kind of funny, but I’m pretty proud of myself for using my Spanish and little Portuguese skills to create a comprehensible answer.

I had heard so much about the MTC and I can testify to two truths. 1) You are busy busy busy and 2) the food is fantastic. You hear stories of people gaining so much weight at the MTC and it is totally possible!! There are SOOO many different extravagant dishes and it’s all free! The problem is they stick a starving college student with a tray in a Mecca of food with a billion different options and let her loose… there is no end to the possibilities. Don’t worry though, I like to think that I have a handle on it… even though It kills me sometimes to show self restraint and choose between the cheesecake and the super deluxe mouthwatering brownies :).

I love you all so much and know that this is an inspired establishment 🙂 The work is hard, but it comes with more ease every day; especially as I am learning to identify my blessings and commit this learning to the Lord! This is a beautiful work and I pray earnestly to be a better instrument in my Heavenly Father’s hand!

Todu Bem!! Tchau!

-Sister Whitney Dean

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