March 4, 2014 MTC Provo, Utah

Dear Family and Friends,Image

Bom dia!  I am starting my 5th week here at the MTC and I am learning so much! Tomorrow marks my one month… it’s crazy to think I’m 1/18 of the way done!  My mission is seriously going to fly by so incredibly fast.  I have news about my reassignment!  My companions and I will be reassigned this next week if our visas do not come through. There have been so many rumors floating around about visas and the Brazilian government.  I’m just hanging on tight and I know whatever happens is where the Lord needs me.  I do have to admit though that I am secretly excited to get a reassignment!  It’s like a second mini-mission call. I hear that California is a big possibility, but there really is no guaranteed way to guess (trust me, I keep trying!)  I will most definitely (hopefully) have my reassignment by next Tuesday and will share it in my next email. Guesses are welcomed 🙂 .

I also have some exciting news about Wisconsin missionaries!  I met a pack of sisters going to serve in Wisconsin and I am sooooooo excited for them and for all of you who get to spend more time with them, their names are:  Sister Elkington, Hunter, Wood, Cosgrove, Osmond, Woods, Oscarson and Matteson!  How’s that for a ton? They are all lovely ladies who are so excited to finally get to the midwest. I told them there is a very high chance at least one of them will make their way to Green Bay 🙂 make sure to say hi from Sister Dean again!

I also have some pretty exciting news that ties into the Wisconsin Sisters. Yesterday I broke the all time female record at the MTC for wall sits! (haha) What a silly thing to claim, but I am very proud of being able to push myself.  One of my companions and I were training to break records ever since we got here; Wall sits for me and pull-ups for her… she can’t do one yet but she is very determined to get three before we leave, and although we think it’s a long shot, we help her work!  So I made a record of 9:07 and the MTC worker who timed me told me all about her family and she has a sister serving currently in WI!  Her name is Sister Blood. How neat is that?  From this week, I have definitely been realizing what a wonderful and occasionally small world it is we live in.

Image I secretly envy the sisters serving stateside a little because they are only at the MTC for 2 weeks. There are benefits to being here 6 weeks though! This past week I was a host missionary to all of the incoming missionaries! We wait by the curb side and as my slightly cynical companion puts it “we are ripping families apart one elder/sister at a time… don’t heed the tears, it’s for the best”.  I was chosen to help with a few of the international sisters which was an amazing experience.  I hosted a Sister Osa from Samoa and thankfully she knew enough English that we were able to communicate without a hitch.  It was very funny hearing her complain about the 65 degree sunny day as cold though! My companions and I are super lucky to have the opportunity to welcome new sisters again tomorrow!  It is really such a wonderful thing seeing families hug and send their son or daughter off into the Lord’s hands.  One of my favorite things is looking the mom and dad in the eye and thanking them for their missionary. Image

Of course there have been many wonderful spiritual experiences since my last letter and I would love to share another quick thought!  Our purpose as missionaries is deep, but summarized, we are to “invite others to come unto Christ”.  I’ve thought about this so much lately and I had a precious epiphany yesterday. Who are these “others” I am inviting?  The more appropriate word would be “All”.  As a missionary, I am not simply bringing the good news of Christ and His gospel to those who don’t know about Him,  I am inviting members of the church and even more importantly I am inviting myself. This gospel is beautiful and it is not stagnant; it is alive!  Being invited to Christ means constantly developing and growing the desire to live a better life; the life He wants me to live. Being invited to Christ is an eternal pursuit of happiness.  My purpose in life this next year and a half is to invite ALL to come to Christ, to invite ALL to grow.  It is not enough to have knowledge, we must act upon our beliefs and change who we are to become better and that journey of growth will never cease. I love the Gospel so much and I am here because I have a sincere desire to share the beautiful message of hope and love with ALL. I love you all so much and am so grateful for the love and support I receive 🙂   HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!

-Love Sister Dean



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