March 24, 2014 Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California  (Norwalk and Santa Fe Springs, CA)               March 24, 2014



Family and Friends!

I made it to the California Los Angeles mission! It is absolutely gorgeous here. I seriously cannot believe how nice it is; also I have not seen so many exotic plants in my life! Everyone’s lawn looks like a manicured Amazon jungle! I made it safe and sound on Monday and they put us right to work. I am officially serving in the Downey 3rd area which includes most of the city of Norwalk and part of Santa Fe Springs. We are on the far east edge of my mission.

My trainer/companion is Sister Matheson from Texas who…. is a visa waiter to Brazil too!!!! This never happens, but it is such a blessing to be around someone who can practice Portuguese with me. I admit that I am not practicing as much as I know I can, but I am practicing infinitely more than I would have on my own. She is wonderful; when we first met we were so excited to be together. I asked her how long she has been here and she told me I didn’t want to know! lol, she has been waiting 7 months for her visa!!!! Every time we get a call from the mission office she gives me this petrified look…it took me 3 or 4 calls to realize that that look of very serious anticipation is her waiting to hear if there is any news about our visas (which there hasn’t been yet). It’s kind of like getting a call and expecting to win the lottery… or picture Packers at the super bowl, tied game, with minutes left in the last quarter… that’s kind of how we feel when we get mission calls…except the Packers never win. Did that make sense?

Mission life is wonderful! Miracles are everywhere and I am so blessed to be here! In my first in the field I can say I’ve just about experienced everything there is for a missionary to go through! I’ve been chased by a dog, had some very psychedelic religious discussions, been rejected, been welcomed in etc. I did have a pretty neat experience my first day. We were out contacting and one of the first people we met we started to chat with and he agreed to take our number and call us back. We were skeptical, then 10 minutes later he called and told us to come teach him! We taught him, offered a baptismal date and he accepted! My very first lesson! We are still working with him, and there are some family concerns we are sorting through, but it was a tender mercy to me to know that I am representing Heavenly Father and He wants me to know I can be bold. The mission is shaping me so drastically already. I love it and love you all! Tudo Bem!!!!!

Com Amor,

Sister Dean


New Address:

Sister Whitney Dean

1591 E Temple Way

Los Angeles, CA





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