April 7, 2014 Los Angeles, California

Dear Family and Friends!

    Milagres everywhere!  This week has been so wonderful!  I’ve been noticing that every week on the mission is crazy, there is no such thing as a normal day as a missionary. What I do know is that there are miracles happening everyday and I am so lucky to be a witness to the glories of God’s great plan for us. This last month, the mission has been praying specifically for people to enter into the waters of baptism and there were 55 individuals baptized in the L.A. area in the month of March! I also got to watch conference, which is a missionary’s second Christmas. Conference is so fulfilling and that was my first time watching conference at a stake center with a sea of other missionaries; it was lovely.

I also have some very exciting news about one of our investigators named Geo. Geo has been meeting with the missionaries for some time now and last night he finally accepted a baptismal date! Geo has had some pretty hard things happen in his life, and it seemed impossible that he would ever let the Gospel into his life unless he received a visit from God himself. This Gospel is beautiful and it soothes the soul and softens the heart. Geo has been learning soooo much and after a session of conference and a talk with the missionaries, he decided he needed to show God he was willing to do what He asks. Geo is showing monumental faith and he is expecting a witness as he turns his life to God over the next few weeks. Please pray for Geo that he will receive his confirmation! His baptismal date is his goal and Geo has taken a great step of faith in trying his best to be ready for this day. I am so excited to be his guide as he truly wants to learn more. In our talk with Geo we started to talk about churches and he said something about growing up he always saw that enormous Mormon church in Santa Monica that he always wondered what a service would be like inside. THATS THE TEMPLE!! 🙂 we told him one day.

In other news, there are so many families and individuals we are teaching. There is a little boy named Rene who was baptized last year who doesn’t have an ideal family situation and this little 9 year old has no support. I remember the first time we went to their house my companion warned me that it was crazy. It was the epitome of chaos!!! We opened the door and were immediately surrounded by an uncountable amount of half dressed children and animals. I really do love all of their children and now enjoy being around them, but it makes me sad to know that they don’t get any attention. When we get the chance to teach Rene, it is chaotic, but he truly is a smart boy who has so many Gospel questions. Ha-ha, we were visiting them last night and their little 3 year old Frankie (who is the funniest most animated 3 year old I have ever met and will ever meet in my life) wanted to take pictures with us. He kept handing us his different animals to take pictures with, right as he handed me their baby chuwawa, I put it up to my face to take a picture and as my companion snapped the picture he yelled “I love that one! He has fleas” lol. I may have fleas (just kidding mom, I don’t I’m sure) but it was a funny night.


I just have one or two little things to leave you all with before I go! Our apartment is adjacent to the railroad tracks and I hear the train go by every night and it’s so strange, but I love the sound! It reminds me of Alaska. Lastly, the other day, we went to help a Tongan lady move and clean and it turns out she was a coupon-er 🙂 her garage was a sea of laundry detergent and other goodies. Once we finished cleaning, she handed us shopping bags and said take everything you can! It was soooo cool! I really want to give couponing a chance when I come back. Not only that, but she lives in a house that looks like it came straight out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald book 🙂 I love you all! California is beautiful, I am happy and healthy and working hard!

Love, Sister DeanDSC08357




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