May 26, 2014 Cascavel, Brazil


Dear family and friends,

 This week has been crazy! I remember thinking when I got my call that Brazil was tropical: jungle and sunshine…… RAIN! We´re talking rain like hail storm winds and needles haha. I did not come prepared for this (mentally, don´t worry mom, I am prepared clothing wise). The apartment is a little cold, I won’t lie, but  we are adapting and learning to live in the cold (lots of warm food and layering). This week, with the dreary weather, we´ve had to find many ways to stay cheery. 

I live with 3 other Brasileiras and our favorite thing to do is sing and talk about American entertainment (not really, our favorite thing is the gospel, but we find humor in trying to sing one another´s native music). I live with one sister, Sister de Jesus, who I absolutely adore (She´s from Manaus-the Amazons!)! We were trying to communicate tastes in music and she told me how she likes Guns and Hoses lolol. Brazilians don´t have a hard R sound at the beginning of words, it comes out like an H. We also talk a lot of Disney. I realized how grateful I am that my country claims Disney. The whole world loves Disney and I have the privilege of watching Disney movies in the language it was created. I also am very excited to be able to watch the translated versions though too; it´s like my repertoire of movies just dubbed. I have also realized that Brazilians have a very slap stick taste when it comes to humor. Everyone here LOVES SpongeBob! I remember eating at a members house and I heard the Portuguese Spongebob speaking… it was very strange. 

 On a more spiritual note, things are blooming here in Brazil. So many people have open hearts to hear our message and I am coming to love them and learning how to speak by the spirit when I don´t have the words to express what I want them to know. I can´t wait for the day when I don´t need to translate what our investigators are saying. I have a goal; I want to be somewhat fluent by August! I hope and pray for this miracle and I am so grateful for the prayers of you all. I love you all so much and am soooooo happy to hear your missionary moments and see the pictures! Stay warm and dry for me!

  Com Amor,

  Sister Dean




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