May 4, 2014 Cascavel Brazil


I`ve been here a week, and it feels like a year. Brazil is so beautiful and extremely different! The plane ride over took me about 36 hours (layovers included) It was a very demanding trip lol. I flew into Sao Palo (I couldn’t believe how big the city was) from there I took a little plane to Londrina and met the mission president and his wife, they both can speak a very decent English thank goodness 🙂 . I met my companion sister Cassiano and we stayed the night in Londrina and the next day we took a bus 8 hours to our area, Cascavel. My companion is Brazilian but she can speak some pretty decent English as well… I got lucky and I am very thankful for this. I am learning Portuguese very very fast but I now know what it feels like to be the foreigner; lots of smiling and ´´como se diz/how do you say)´´

Londrina is a BEAUTIFUL city and Cascavel is just as great. Lots of rural and urban in my area… lots and lots of hills too. The weather too is beautiful. My roommates think its çold when in reality it´s about the same as a Wisconsin spring day lol. My time is limited so |I´ll make a list of some of the new/different things about Brazil:

-Bugs here are very scarily exotic. We saw an Oreo-sized spider last night -_- thankfully we live on the 5th floor of our apartment building where not many bugs get to besides these microscopic ants.

-The people here are sooooooo friendy NOTHING like the people in LA. lol

-The food is good and strange- The first time I walked into a Muffatao – the closest thing there is to a Wal-Mart I was stunned. There is nothing American… just lots of bright colors and foreign labels… it’s really hard to go shopping too because nothing is packaged here like it is in the US either. the milk comes in boxes and the ketchup is bags.

-Brazilian plumbing is a little scary. I miss American bathroom and I will never take a warm shower for granted again.

-There are dogs everywhere here. It breaks my heart a little, but that’s how it is here. There are dogs here like there are squirrels there.

-I rode a bus for the first time (and a taxi) we take the bus about two times a day; once in the morning to the area we´re working in, where we walk all day then home.

I love you all so much and I promise to write better letters once I get my feet under me

Com Amor,

Sister Dean


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