Cascavel, Brazil

Cascavel, Brazil                                                                                                  DSC03417

Dear Family and Friends, 

      It has been a good week and I have finished my third 1st Transfer haha. I am so excited to be permanently settled in one mission! Transfers are like a mini Christmas here, you´re super anxious to find out what will happen and one tiny email determines your fate! There are four of us in one apartment and 3 are staying! My companion Sister Cassiano is leaving! I´m super excited for her and anxious to have a new companion too, I´ve never had a companion for more than one transfer too since I´ve been moving around so much lately, I´m excited to find out how it all goes! I hear that my companion will be American, but those are just rumors (we´ll see). I´ll have the official report next Monday :).

  In other news the rain has not stopped! My hair dryer is my new best friend lol. I use it to dry my tights and shoes every night, clothes when I need them fast (no dryers here) and to warm my bed before I go to sleep (no heating either). I am so grateful for my blow dryer. I also have some pretty exciting Brazilian food experiences! In the street a man sliced us a bit of sugar cane to munch on (sugar cane!!) it was way interesting and I couldn´t help but flash back to our childhood (Jessica, remember the movie Napoleon with the puppy golden retriever and the evil black cat that was supposed to be the bad guy but was really not that intimidating because he was the size of Rebel… and there’s a crazy Kangaroo la roo and sugar cane that sets on fire…) We also walk under many pecan trees gathering pecans as we go and crack them open and munch on them, it´s really neat. I also see ants everywhere; the ants that we see on the Discovery channel that can carry leaves, (also really neat). 

   I have an update about letters too! I got my first few letters this past week! The letter takes about 30 days to reach me! (not to shabby) I think that the letters get here even sooner, but I only receive letters when someone from our zone makes a trip to the mission office and back… so about 2-3 times a transfer I will receive letters. 

We are teaching many people too. So many people with aspirations to be baptized, but they need to overcome the little vice that is holding them back from entering the doors to eternal life! We´ve already helped one woman stop smoking in 3 days! I know it´s possible for anyone. We´re teaching a woman named Maria, her son Murilo (18) and her 2 daughters Annye (10) and Annyle. Maria and Murilo have a really hard time with smoking… they have a desire to be baptized and I know that all a person needs is a desire and repentance… faith and repentance. Annye is a very wonderful and bold little 10 year old. She knows her Bible and knows that this is the true church (she tells us often). This family is so beautiful and I am praying for them 🙂 I am so blessed to be working with the people of Cascavel. I love it here and I can see that the language is coming along unbelievably well! Not fluent yet, but I´m getting there! I love you all!


Com Amor


-Sister Dean 


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