Cascavel, Brazil


Cascavel, Brazil                                                       

 Bom Dia!

   I don´t have too much time on the computer today and I am sorry this letter won´t be longer! But things are so good here in Brazil! We had our first sunny day in a long time and we are loving it! The nights have gotten warmer and we think we have made it through the worst (everyone says June is the month to make it through). Sister Hartvigsen and I  are working very hard rain or shine to find and teach Heavenly Father´s children. We are teaching one little boy in particular who brings the sunshine to our day despite the rain. His name is Luan and half of his family are members of the church. His mom Alice is what we call a membro pó (a powder member/a dry member), she has a testimony of the scriptures and attends church but has not been baptized! She has a nasty smoking problem and ever since we began working with her she has improved immensely! She went from 40 cigarettes a day to 15 (we´re working to 0 🙂 ). Luan is such a light and example to his family and we truly feel like he will be baptized soon and we pray that Alice will find the strength to follow! 


My Portuguese is getting MUCH better too. I was worried at the prospect of having an American companion but it has worked out in a very roundabout way. Sister Hartvigsen is so sweet and wonderful and the exact opposite of my last companion. She also has a very think American accent and people have to look to me sometimes to decipher her sentences. This is teaching me to become much more independent! I can see the progress and am so excited for Augusto to roll around! I am praying so hard for the gift of tongues! 

   Thank you all for your prayers and for your letters. I am strengthened so much by them! I know there are some difficult things going on right now and I am praying for you all so much. Someone once told me the prayers of missionaries have a special power 🙂 and I know that Heavenly Father has such a special plan in mind for us all and our families are the most precious thing we have and we will have each other for time and all eternity 🙂 ! I am praying for comfort and miracles for us all. I LOVE YOU!!  Please keep me updated. 


Com Amor,

Sister Dean    


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