Cascavel, Brazil

Cascavel, Brazil June 16, 2014

Família e Amigos!

Vida no Brasil é muito loco agora! The World Cup is all we see and hear about these days. The streets are paved in yellow green and blue! As missionaries, the world cup has it´s setbacks, we are confined to the house the days Brazil plays (Brazil has 2 more scheduled days to play and even more if they win); you think it´d be relaxing but confined to the apartment all day when we are used to such a rigorous schedule is a little maddening. But it is still very exciting to say I was here for the 2014 world cup IN Brasil :). Football isn´t the only exciting thing I have to report on. Sunday June 15 our super star investigator Luan was baptized! Luan´s family are all members aside from his mom Alice (we´re working hard with her) and he has been dreaming of baptism ever since he turned 8 (he´s 10 now). The only thing that had been holding him back for two years was a fear of water! Luan is deathly afraid of the water and I am so inspired by the courage he took to prepare for baptism together with sister Hartvigsen and I. We promised him we wouldn´t fill the font too full haha, the water was about mid thigh on Irmão Euclides, it’s a good thing Luan isn´t too tall. With a little encouragement from us and his mom, he made it into the water and is so happy for his confirmation this Sunday. Luan is so precious and I am so happy to be a part of his decision to follow the Savior! His mom Alice has been coming to church for quite some time now too and we have a rigorous battle plan to help her testimony grow so she can have the desire to follow the example of her children (her 16 year old Ian and 21 year old Talya have already been baptized as well). We pray for them every day and are diligently searching for new investigators at the same time!
Brazil is growing on me and I am coming closer everyday to fluency! I have a little story I thought was funny before I close. I don´t know why, but the entertainment here is so fascinating for me! We were at the house of a member for almoço and Dora the Explorer was on! How can another country have Dora!? Turns out Dora and her family speak Portuguese and teach children how to speak English. Thought it was a little funny.

Com Amor,
Sister Dean


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