Cascavel, Brazil


Cascavel, Brasil June 30, 2014


This week has been soooooo crazy! This past week we had some pretty exciting news! Our mission president authorized us to watch the Brasil vs Chile game this week! Holy Cow Brazilians are crazy! I thought it was bad from our apartment, but man o man, the city was shaking! It was a pretty neat experience and I am in awe. I don´t know if we´ll have the chance to do it again, but once was pretty fantastic. I hear the USA is still in! I hope Brasil faces the US, ugh, that´d be the best experience ever to say I witnessed while in Brasil lol.
Anyway, we continue to work diligently. Sister Hartvigsen and I are buckling in for another 3 months of cold (we think) the weather here is so strange. Also I had my first encounter with poisonous Brazilian wildlife! Here they have these little black bugs that are very similar to mosquitoes…they are basically demon butterflies; one of these little buggers got a hold of my right leg during a street contact and got a few good bites in. It would have been nothing If I wasn´t allergic to them haha, my right leg was about twice as big as my left, not a pretty picture. 3 days later though and my leg is back to its normal size. It was exciting and I hope the last time it will happen, I am thoroughly applying bug spray now.
I also am so grateful to see my testimony of Christ grow. This week we´ve been focusing on very special fasts and I know that prayer and fasting will open the door of opportunities. Reading in the new testament I am noticing the special power and miracles Christ brought forth through the power of faith in fasting and I know we can utilize that same power! So often the fast is a routine and not a special plea to our Father in Heaven. Make your prayers sincere and your fast a plea and you will see miracles!
I love you all sooooo much!

Sister Dean


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