Cascavel, Brasil


Querido família e amigos,

Time is so warped on the mission. The days and the weeks blur together and it´s difficult to measure the time. I´ve just about hit my 6 month mark and there was quite a big celebration 🙂 Our investigator Ademir was baptized! Ademir was a very special baptism for me; I had to work and pray and work some more, but it has all paid off. His life was controlled by his cigarettes and every time we visited he would recite the same line “é um vicio que é muito difícil, vocês não podem entender, eu não posso parar” EVERY lesson he would say this over and over, and my companion truly wanted to drop him. We prayed and prayed and got a miracle 🙂 As a missionary, it is so easy to leave behind the investigators that are difficult to search for the “elect” but I have such a strong testimony that love, shown through persistence can change hearts. Christ taught that he came to heal, he sat with the sinners because they needed Him the most. Christ also questioned who shall love Him more: he who has little forgiven, or he who has much to be forgiven. Ademir was spiritually sick and the gospel of Christ changed and healed his heart and he is a living testament to me of the power Christ has to change a life for the better! I am so blessed to be here serving. The more worthy I become, the more He is able to use my influence to do the work of Christ; to cure.
We also had a festa at the church! My first Brazilian holiday! Festa Juninha is basically dress up like a hic and square dance, but the food is fantastic. We had lots of investigators there and hopefully they´ll turn into progressing investigators 🙂 enjoy the pictures!

com grande amor,
Sister DeanDSC03493


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