Cascavel, Brasil


Cascavel, Brasil July 28, 2014
Família e amigos,

This week was pretty normal: lots of talking, lots of walking. Our investigator (now recent convert!) Ademir was confirmed and is on his way to some incredible things. We also have had a crazy turn of events. A few months ago we were teaching a woman named Maria and her children; they were so promising but they fell off the face of the Earth for a time. It turns out Leoni (our recent convert de poder!) is Maria´s best friend and has gotten her to start attending church again! Maria wants to be baptized so badly, but those darn cigarettes. I have never despised smoking this much before the mission. These little vices that destroy families and health hold a person back from receiving  so much happiness! We´re working diligently with her and are praying for a miracle…
Cascavel continues to have crazy weather! super cold – super hot, it´s so unpredictable! I hear that I have to make it through Agosto and then the steady heat comes. I´m looking forward to it and at the same time I feel like I don´t know what I´m in for lol.
I love you all! Thank you so much for the letters and the support!

com amor, Sister Dean



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