Cascavel Brazil

DSC03658August 11, 2014

Hello everyone!

Sister Hartvigsen and I continue to work diligently, she´s pretty excited to go home in 2 weeks and I am anxiously awaiting to hear what will become of me in Cascavel. I have grown to love the city and the people, but am ready to stay or go where the Lord needs me. I don´t know if I´ve already mentioned it, but our Zone only has one Brazilian and about 10 Americans lol. (there’s a Pauraguan or 2 too) but zone meetings are super funny. We´ll all gather round a computer screen to watch a portion of ´the district´dvds and our zone leaders will say ´those who can speak English stay in the back, anyone who speaks another language, please gravitate to the front to read the subtitles. It blows my mind sometimes to remember that I am communicating with so many different young people from around the world and we are uniting to speak one common language 🙂 it´s pretty neat.

We are working hard, and I am sooo grateful for all of your support (and for the letters!!! I love the letters!!)

com amor,

Sister Dean


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