Arapongas, Brazil

Querido Família e amigos,

      Bom Dia com muito alegria! This week I received an envelope of letters from the Young Women in the Green Bay stake!!! I feel so special! It was sooooo great to read their testimonies and feel their support. I can´t believe how fast time passes; it feels like yesterday I was going to Girls Camp 🙂
     This week Sister Briggs and I have been hitting the Portuguese hard core 🙂 . We don´t have much time in the morning to practice, so we´ve decided to talk in the streets in between contacts and appointments as much as we can about our families. Sharing stories from our childhood is so great! Not only are we learning how to better our grammar, but we are laughing SO much! We had it so good as children, and I´ve realized that’s how life works: you pass through difficulties and funny moments, but with time you reflect and cherish it all. I am so grateful for the motivation I have to make every second of my mission last so I can return and look back with nothing but satisfaction. That has been my ´theme´for the week: not having regrets. Every time we teach, If I feel a prompting I don´t hesitate. If we pass someone in the street and I feel the urge to talk to them, we turn around and run them down. During this week, I’ve been reading a lot about Paul and his bold preachings; my companion and I were standing in the street faced with a very difficult decision. It would have been so easy to turn away from that difficult decision, but we stopped and thought, ´what would Paul do now in this very instance´and WOW. It was so obvious that he would go in ´guns blazing´to bring that fellow child of God to light.  Read the scriptures and learn from real life heroes. When you do, you will have the strength to defend your beliefs. I am so happy and grateful for the examples I have in the scriptures and in you: my family and friends 🙂
              Sister Briggs and I continue to work with Walquiria and if all goes well she will be baptized the end of this week! Prayers for her and her search are more than welcome! 🙂
Eu amo vocês e sei que vocês estão fazendo milagres pelos filhos Deus esta colocando em  seus caminhos!  Fique Firme!!
com amor, Sister Dean

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