Arapongas, Brazil

DSC03784 (1)Querido Família e amigos,

           Yesterday Sister Briggs and I watched as our beloved investigator Walquiria was baptized! Walquiria is such a blessed daughter of our Heavenly Father. We´ve been working with her for 3 weeks now and it was truly a blessing to be apart of her journey. It is so surreal sometimes to remember that our Heavenly Father has been preparing his children to meet the missionaries. Walquiria is so special and so spiritually in tune; I don´t have a doubt that our Father in Heaven had been preparing her for that moment when we accidentally knocked on her door (clapped at her gate). I don´t mean to sound cheesy, but the hymn “I stand All Amazed´´ describes my sentiments perfectly right now! I am so weak alone, but I have someone who loves me more than I can imagine who is paving the way, clearing obstacles, guiding me to be an instrument for good and planning my return. I also want to thank those of you that have been praying for our investigators. Milagres são reais!!!
           This week Sister Briggs and I helped 9 investigators make it to church! It was so wonderful (and such a headache to plan!!!) A family of 6 ( Basílio, Teresa, Franciele, Vanya, Alcides and Gyselle) sat with us and it is unbelievable how wonderfully receptive they are! They are such a friendly and loving family and they are working on baptismal dates, but there are quite a few obstacles we all need to clear that will take a little time and a lot of prayer 🙂 I know miracles are real though; I know God works according to our faith and I believe they will enter into the waters of baptism to receive an ever greater unity and love into their lives.
     Thank you for EVERYTHING! Eu amo vocês e estou muito feliz para estar aqui para representar vocês e meu Pai Celestial!
com amor,
Sister Whitney Dean

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