Arapongas, Brazil

Querido Família e amigos,

           This week was pretty wonderful (aren´t they all?). We traveled to Londrina for Mission Tour! Elder Suarez of the seventy visited and gave our troops the spiritual encouragement we needed. We heard a lot about how there are two types of people: two types of missionaries: those who act and those who receive action. I spent a lot of time reflecting on what type of missionary I am and in what aspects I can better myself. I am coming up on my half way mark and I have been reflecting if I have become half the missionary I envisioned. Turning it all over to the Lord has allowed for amazing growth and changes in character that I would have never dreamed of achieving on my own. The mission is molding me into a better life long servant of the Lord and I am so grateful to be here progressing alongside with my investigators.
       Recently, Sister Briggs and I have been teaching a couple from Hati, Rosalie and Luiz. Hatianos are amazingly friendly and open, but well versed in the Bible. Luiz is here to do the Lord´s will, but he needs a concrete response. We are working diligently to find answers to his biblical questions and praying that he will feel a loving response from our Father in Heaven.
        The end of the transfer is coming up and I dread the thought of being separated from Sister Briggs. She is so wonderful… but she´s already passed 3 transfers here in Arapongas and everyone is feeling she´ll be moved out soon…   we´ll see. I can´t believe how fast this transfer has flown by. Not just the transfer but the mission! Take advantage of the time you have missionaries! It passes fast!
com amor,
Sister Dean

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