Arapongas, Brazil

Querido família e amigos,

         Conference week was such an inspired, wonderful and unbelievably perfect time! I am so amazed at modern technolgy; watching the servents of the Lord speak to a small city in a little chapel in Brazil was so surreal and made me reflect of the prophicies of the Gospel flodding the whole Earth. I know that the inspired light of the Gospel cannot be held back; it touches our hearts and converts our minds and is spreading like wild fire! I hate to admit it, but I remember as a child sitting in out living room in the house on Hilly Haven Road watching conference, mom and dad on the green couch, the girls sprawled out on the carpet next to our red nail polish stains with our hard cover Book of Mormons covered with butterfly stickers and thinking ´´wow, this is loooong´´. This weekend I couldn´t help but think ´´wow, it´s over already… how sad´´.  I am so greatful for the examples of righteous living in my life that have led me to love the words of the servants of the Lord.  It was also unbelievably wonderful to hear te discoursers speak in their native language! When Elder Marcos A Goody from Brazil started to speak in Portuguese there was an audible gasp in the chapel and I was so undescribably giddy! Sister Briggs and I were blessed to have a few investigators view with us as well.
          In other less exciting news, Sister Briggs was transfered. We had been anticipating her moving, but hoping it wouldn´t happen. Our time together was so short, but we learned so much and being with her for one transter was a breath of beautiful fresh air. I will miss her a lot… A LOT. My new companion will be Sister Anderson and get this: she and Sister Briggs were companions at the MTC in Provo! At the end of their MTC experience, Sister Briggs recieved her visa and went straight to Brazil while Sister Anderson was reassigned to a mission in Virginia (i think) and she arrived in Brazil about 3 weeks ago… I´d be lying if I said I wasn´t a little nervous. Becoming the senior companion with someone who speaks less Portuguese than me is a little bit frightening, but I am comforted by the fact that it all is inspired by our Heavenly Father. We are ment to be together here in Arapongas and if we can learn to turn our will and our weaknesses over to the Lord I know we will do amazing things as instruments in the Lord´s hands.
          I love you all! Eu sou muito grata que Eu possa escrever os pensamentos de meu coração e os medos de mudança. Eu sei que O Senhor e vocês me dão a força eu preciso para continuar. Suas orações me dão inspiração e coragem.
   Com amor,
Sister Whitney Dean

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