Arpongas, Brazil

Querido Família e amigos,

  Sister Anderson and I batteled our way through a tough week! All of us passed a little sick and had high fevers, and it has been HOT. I remember arriving in Brazil and feeling betrayed at how cold/mild it was, but now I´m missing the breezey weather. Our tan lines are being defined and our resolves are toughening. Saturday, Sister Anderson and I were able to watch our investigator Anderson be baptized! Sister Anderson´s first baptism in Brazil was named Anderson, how about that!? Anderson just turned 8 and is the grandson of our recent convert Vilma. He is such a bright, happy and adorable boy. He has been preparing to be baptized for quite some time now and watching him be baptized was a pleasure.
            Sister Anderson and I are working dilligently to talk with as many people as we can and she is learning portuguese so fast! It has been a little strange taking on a little more responsibility than I am accustomed to, but I too am learning fast. I have such a testimony that the Lord qualifies those He calls, he does not call the qualified. We gain more and more abilities to become better and better servents when we recognize He has called us to serve and the best manner to fill our callings is His manner. In the words of one beloved Disney character :LET IT GO!!!“   (<- I love that song!!!) Let your pride and fear go. God has expectations much greater that we have and if we let our expectations go and work for Him, the results will be unbelievable! I am turning in to the missionary He wants me to be, not the missionary I think I can be. Our best is good, but His best is better! Don´t settle for your best, loose yourself in His errand and become His best.
Com muito amor,
Sister Dean

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