Arapongas, Brazil

Família e amigos,

 I feel like I´m always commenting on the weather in my emails. Each week I think that I´ve experienced the highest extreme there is and I always feel the need to share the brutal extremities of the climate of Brazil to, i don´t know, to seem more like a trooper I guess, but each week mother nature strengthens her resolve to surprise us. QUENTE QUENTE!!! Super hot this week. I´ve darkened about 3 shades in my foundation color and I am a little ashamed at how blatant my shoe tan lines are lol.But it´s all apart of the call.
    Sister Anderson and I are working diligentemente! We are teaching quite a large pool of people and not just Brasileiros! we´re teaching a big group of men and women from Hati! Hatianos are so humble and sincere. Now, we´re working with Osner, Johnel, Rubens, Oslin and Marie. They are sincerely searching for answers and we pray for them every day.
    I´ve been thinking a lot recently about the trials we pass through. As missionaries, we pass through hardships and heart breaks of the worst kind when someone looses the fire to search for God. Our investigators pass through the toughest of tough. I´ve been thinking of the sacrifices my family has made throughout the years. Sacrifices in every which way. but this passage in Romans 8:18 has captured the hope I feel as I consider the eternal picture:

           “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.“ 

    I love the scriptures. They really do contain the words of LIFE. Life eternal. read them! Ponder on them! and ask our father in heaven in the name of Christ if they are more than pretty words! We have a promise from the God who will never lie that we will receive a manifestation of truth. 🙂 I am grateful for the witnesses I have received in my life. I love you all and I thank you for your prayers!
      Nosso Pai Celestial nos ama mais que nos podemos imaginar. Ele está nos guiando!
                               com amor,
                             Sister Dean

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