Arapongas, Brazil

DSC03808querido família e amigos,

        This weekend was pretty wonderful! One of our investigators, Osner, has been reading O Livro de Mórmon for 3 weeks and praying earnestly about a response in regards to baptism. He truly had, as Moroni counseled, a sincere heart and real intent to act when he received an answer. Friday night we were teaching him and his friends and as he walked us to the gate he admitted he had a dream. It was a dream truly wonderful and he told us he was ready to be baptized saturday! It was a crazy weekend on our part running around, making calls and setting up interviews! We are so blessed to have helped a few sons of our Heavenly Father enter into the waters of baptism, but boy oh boy has there been a lot of crazy running around! I think I could take on any amount of stress after the mission. The military? bring it on. Theory of grammar and complex sentence structure 402? bring it on! dating!? we´ll see. DSC03820 - Cópia
                     Osner really is an elect son of God. We’ve talked a lot about his life and the trials he has passed through. The earthquake in Haiti a few years ago really shook up his world. He tells us now that Hatianos are seeking new lives in other countries with new opportunities and he knows he was sent here to Brazil to find us and to be baptized. His friend Johnel (another one of our investigators) watched the baptism and remarked as we were preparing to leave, “Next, Osner will baptize me“. It was a great day and we are so blessed to be laborers in our father´s fields!

         I´d like to quickly share a scripture with you all that hit me this morning during study: Romanos 13:11    The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.

    The morning is coming and we are chosen for this day to prepare ourselves and our brothers to meet the glory of the light without shame and with a resolve  to enter in prepared.
Eu amo vocês!
Sister Dean
DSC03822 - Cópia

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