Arapongas, Brazil

Querido família e amigos,

       I’ve been reflecting a lot this week on the person I was before the mission and how I have changed. My 9 months (half way!) is coming up in 2 days and I can´t help but take on a wave of excitement and apprehension. It is such a bitter-sweet moment. I keep questioning myself if I´ve become 1/2 the missionary I set out to be. I think I’ve exceeded my expectations in some areas and I am still seriously lagging in others. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to always reflect on my progression and get down on my knees to ask for help from my Pai Celestial to meet my imperfections.
       Sister Anderson and I are working hard in the heat and talking with as many people as we can find! Street contacting was definitely a struggle for me at the beginning of my mission; I was so scared to stop someone in the street. Now I feel guilt if I let them pass by. The news we have to share is so good! I remember my first day in the field in California; we did 3 hours of street contacting and I was sooo timidly shy at first. 9 months later and street contacting has turned into one of my stronger skills. With divine help, we find the courage to turn our weaknesses into strengths.
         There has been a lot of excitement in the Branch as we’ve started implementing new ideas and plans to involve the members to the max! activities, Family home evenings and visits 3 times a week! I am truly blessed to be working with dedicated men and women. The end of the transfer is coming up soon and I am anxious to know what will happen. I truly can´t predict anything. I know the Senhor is in charge and what will come will be another chapter in my absolutely wonderful mission.
com amor,
Sister Whitney Dean

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