Arapongas, Brazil

DSC03869 Bom Dia com muito alegria!

          There is undeniably true power in prayer. As a missionary I pray for my friends here in Arapongas, that they receive the courage they need to follow the spirit. I Pray every day that my companion and I find the courage we need to open our mouths and share the truth. I pray that the coventated members here and at home will have to courage to invite those they love to come to know the restored gospel. Without a doubt, the miracles I have been witnessing on my mission have been responses to prayers. This weekend our friend Robens was an answer to a prayer. Robens is a young man from Haiti who´s mother died when he was very young. With the littlemoney he and his brother could muster, they bought one ticket to Brasil. His older Brother was determined that Robens take the ticket. Robens arrived here a little while later, alone, without food, without a roof and without knowing Portuguese; but he persevered! Three years later, We bumped into him. He told us his story: how he has a house, a job, (he´s saving for a motorcycle) and he Speaks Portuguese better than me! But still, he was lonely; without a family. Church was an answer to his prayers. He has always been searching for baptism, but he never completely understood the importance or the gravity of baptism.After meeting the missionaries, he understood the importance of the saving ordinance but was a little frightened to take the next step (thankfully I don´t take no for an answer!) After a lot of prayer, Robens decided to take a leap of faith! His baptism was a testimony to me that the “field truly is white and ready to harvest“ We have the promise of the God who will never lie that there are souls around us who are ready to follow Him. Trust in the almighty God and open your mouth! Invite those you love to come to know the gospel and you WILL find those whom the Lord has prepared.
             The end of this transfer is coming up. Next monday I will know my fate! I am so excited to give my all to the Lord be it here in good old Arapongas or a new stomping ground! Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. This week Daiane really needs your prayers. Daiane is a young woman (21) who went to church with us yesterday. She truly is wonderful and a light to me and she has accepted a baptismal date this next Sunday… She is so close to greatness and joy without end, but I know the enemy works his hardest when we are so close tosuccess. PRAY FOR DAIANE!!!
com grande amor,
Sister Whitney Dean

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