Arapongas, Brazil

Família e amigos!
Transfers!!! I don´t have too much time to write! Sister Anderson was transferred and My new companion will be Sister Vargas! She arrives in Arapongas tomorrow and I think she´s hispânica! I am so excited to learn spanish!!! This transfer will be a good one I know. I am so excited to really go to work at least one more transfer here. I feel like I have barely scraped the surface and now that I know the area well, we are going to really dig in and search for those children of God who are just waiting to hear the truth. I love the promise in Doctrine and Covenants that relates, “the field is white and ready to harvest´´ . the field is not plowed and ready to plant, there are children of God, our brothers and sisters here who are ready to hear the restored gospel and who are ready to accept the sacred covenant of baptism. 
           I love you all and am very grateful for your prayers and your support! Obrigada pelo apoio e amor. Eu sei a obra missionaria esta mudando vidas e me preparando para se tornar uma filha melhor, uma amiga melhor, uma melhor mãe (um dia)! 
Com amor,
Sister Whitney Dean
Sister Genaro gave us the Facebook page for our mission to give to our families! Check it out! I think there are pictures!  

Pagina -Missão BrasilLondrina 2013-2016


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