Bauru, Brazil


Querido Familia e A migos,

           This week was a pretty big surprise! Last Monday night I received a call from President Genaro letting me know that there have been a few changes made and I was being transferred in the morning! I know mom knows that I take a year and a half to pack my suitcases, can you imagine the craziness that was packing my life up in 3 hours? I was transferred to the city Bauru in the state of Sao Paulo. I am training Sister Munar from Colombia and loving every minute of it! I am soo blessed to have Hispanic companions! I am trying sooo hard to better my Spanish. I really cannot believe the number of missionaries we have in our ward and I am super pumped to practice my broken Spanish with them.
              Arriving in Bauru was certainly crazy. This first week we had to work super diligently to get work done. It is a little intimidating opening an area while training, but sister Munar and I have high hopes for our friends here who are truly preparing to know more about the restored Gospel.
              This morning our zone of 12 companionships was assigned a primary song to sing at the mission Christmas meeting/festa and I was designated official zone choir director lol, I was all sorts of confused trying to translate choir terms in Portuguese but it all turned out and I am so excited for dia 16 to listen to every missionary in the mission sing together and commemorate the birth of our Salvador.   I love the mission and I love the work and I am learning every day how to overcome the difficulties we encounter with the power of prayer and hard work. I love you all and I pray that we can always remember that our families are a gift from God and they were meant to be eternal!
com amor,

Sister Dean


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