Querido família e amigos,skype

I am so sorry I didn´t get a chance to write last week, but I was called to Londrina to pick up my new companion! I am training again! Her name is Sister Gardner from Orem Utah and she is great. She reminds me a lot of me when I first arrived in the field. I wish I could upload photos of us, but the computers were using today are a little old and don´t have how. Last week Sister Munar and I helped our friend Maria enter in to the waters of baptism and this week with Sister Gardner we helped our friend Eduardo be baptised. I am so amazed at how fast the work is moving here in our mission. Our Zone really is a zone of miracles, in 4 weeks together with the help of the lord, we baptised 60 children of God! I am amazed at the progress our recent convert Gabriel is making. He is such a joy in my life. Sister Munar and I bought him a tie and a sister from the ward brought him a white shirt 🙂 . He was SO excited to get up in front of everyone in his church clothes to receive the gift of theHoly Ghost. We made 20 invites for him to hand out to his family and friends and within an hour he had run around the neighborhood and delivered all 20! I love that kid! We are reading the Book of Mormon with him from the beginning and helping him keep a journal of all of his spiritual experiences (my teacher mode is kicking in). I am learning so much from reading the Book of mormon with him in portuguese, it truly is amazing the simple truths a child can expound upon that our adult and hardened minds tend to breeze over. Gabriel is a miracle in my life and I truly cannot imagine what would have happened if I had decided not to serve a mission.
Today is my 11 month mark. I really can´t describe how the mission has changed me. I am being molded in so many ways and I am learning things that will sculpt the woman, wife, mother, friend, daughter and servant of God I will become after my mission. This Christmas it was such a relief to talk and laugh with my family. Life is so good and I am in the service of the Almighty God. I am so grateful for everything. Thank you all for the support, the love and the prayers!

com amor,
Sister Dean


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