Grandpa Popsicle

Querido família e amigos,

This past weekend Sister Gardner and I found José Mendes. We were walking up a ginormous hill, coming back froDSC04063m a disappointing appointment and we passed in front of a red gate. I saw an elderly man sitting on a chair all alone. We stopped and felt like we had to go back and talk with him. José lives with his sister Glória is 72 years old and sells popsicles from his house. He is so dear and intelligent. We sat down and talked about baptism and he said, “well, I was only baptised once as baby in the catholic church, but I think after your explanation it won´t do, when can I be baptised“! With a leap of faith we marked his baptism for the coming Sunday. We returned day after day to share with him the messages of the restoration, the plan of God and the commandments, He eagerly soaked it all in and related to us how he had been waiting for someone to make sense of it all for 72 years. He is so special. I remember moments in my life looking into the eyes of inspired men; bishops, stake presidents, mission presidents… I see the same love and disposition when I look in his eyes. He is eagerly learning as fast as he can. He had expressed a desire to pay tithing one day (before we explained). We briefly covered tithing; seeing as he already had a knowledge and desire, but the Sunday he was to be baptised, the sacrament was coming around and he slipped out a 10 dollar (reais) bill with the intent of slipping it onto the bread tray. I quickly explained again and he said “oh. well, why didn´t you get me one of those envelopes sooner?“.
Sister Gardner is coming along real fast! I think I mentioned it but she reminds me a lot of myself when I arrived on the mission. She is great and I love serving with her (not to mention all of the new and fancy united states clothes she brought with her) 🙂 We´re working diligently here and searching for ways to become more obedient and worthy to find the elect and the miracles. Thank you for all of your support, letters and prayers! I am so blessed to have the fire power that is Green Bay in my mission 🙂

Com muito amor,
Sister Dean


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