Queirdo Família e amigos!

This week Sister Gardner foundDSC09279 another miracle. It all started when Rebecca, a young woman in our stake who is leaving for her mission in 12 days, called the sisters in the stake and she asked to work with us the entire day so that she could get a little practice in before leaving. it was late and that day in particular was super intense. The other companionship of sisters that live with us are the Sister Líder Treinadoras and they have to travel to help President Genaro with special assignments. This week they were gone 4 days of the week and they left us to keep up their area while they were gone. in those 4 days we taught their investigators and prepared two brothers, Juan and José to be baptized. I was very worried about our investigatores this week because our time was divided in two areas, but Sister Gardner and I, we were praying so hard to help a child of God enter into the waters of baptism from our area this week. Although it looked glum, I am learning that devoted prayer and promises and faith will always pull through. Our Heavenly father promised us that our area, our `field´ is white nd ready to harvest. We prayed with faith and friday night I pulled out my planner and asked Rebecca, “ I have two names of families in our area book, you can pick, should we visit Leandro or Julia?“ Wow is the Lord good. Rebecca studied the names and she said, `Julia? the daughter of Elisangela?“ Turns out Rebecca was good friends with this family who all but the mother had turned less active. We passed in their house around 8:00pm, we got to know them and we followed the promptings of the spirit knowing that God would put someone in our path who was prepared. Rebecca bore her testimony and we invited 9 year old Julia to be baptised the very next day and she accepted. It truly was a miracle that the ord put Rebecca in our way and I know she will be a wonderful missionary. I tell her that Julia will be her first name she puts in her Preach My Gospel of baptisms she has had as a missionary 🙂
Sister Gardner is learning super fast and I am so excited to see her in 4 months or so when she becomes totally fluent and a super powerful missionary. I tell her all the time that she is the fastest learning missionary of all the missionaries that arrived in her group. no lie!
I miss you all but a so happy to get you emails and hear of your missionary experiences. Thank you all for the support and prayers.

Com muito amor,

Sister Whitney Deanbatisadora 6 semanas


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