IMG_0219Querido Família e amigos,

The Work is going forward! this past week was pretty enlightening. We held stake conference and I was unbelievably happy to hear both Sister and President Genaro give talks. They are such an inspired couple and good speakers! Sister Genaro shared the story of how the land for the Houston temple was obtained (look it up!) and it truly solidified my testimony of the will of the Lord and as Néfi teaches us, God never gives His children orders with out before preparing a way by which His orders can be fulfilled. The power of prayer in hand with doing the Lord´s will is unbeatable!
Since President Genaro was passing in our city, he decided to do a few interviews. We talked about strengths, weaknesses, health, goals, all the usual, but I was very surprised to hear about his plans for me this upcoming transfer. There are still 2 weeks left in this transfer, but President Genaro informed me that I will be taking on the role as the next Sister Líder Treinadora! (… in english I think it´s sister leader trainer…leader trainer sister… don´t know) Yikes! I know the Lord will qualify me but I´m a little apprehensive about what lies ahead. He informed me I will continue training Sister Gardner at the same time, which is good, but a lot of responsibility. I am about to hit my 1 year mark and am amazed at the growth I have witnessed here on the mission. I am amazed at the growth that undoubtedly is in store!
Sister Gardner continues to learn very fast! Here on the mission, we use the terms ´mãe (mom)´and Filha (daughter) to describe our ´liniage here on the mission and I am so proud to call Sister Gardner my daughter. I am seeing the potential she has and how she will turn into a great missionary when she takes the reigns.
I know that we are doing an important work here and that the Lord is blessing us. I would like to leave a small testimony that I know that the Word of Wisdom is inspired revelation. Vices are not of God. I know that giving up old habits is hard, but when we remember the consequences of disobedience and the promised blessings we can do the impossible. It is worth it. the things that the Word of wisdom warns against is inspired advice to protect our bodies, our spirits, our minds and our family relationships. I love the inspired advice from an inspired man, “STOP IT“ it´s not worth the eternal consequences and your eternal happiness is at risk. Avoid Alcohol, cigarettes, Coffee, Tea and Drugs. Challenge God, see if He wont bless you. I love you all and I pray for you all to follow this council from our loving Heavenly Father to be happier! Your body is a temple!

com amor,
Sister Dean


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