Querido família e amigos,DSC04065-2

This week has flown by! I remember how at the beginning of the mission the days and weeks seemed to creep so slowly. Now the mission is moving so fast, I can barely hold on. Sister Gardner and I had the opportunity to meet our good friend Hélio recently. Hélio has serious diabetes and has had to have his right foot amputated and he has lost all use of his right arm. He stays in his wheel chair most of the day, and receives money from the government seeing as he is nable to work. Hélio lives alone, but is such a social light. He can normally be found sitting outside of his big iron gate in the shade of a little mango tree in front of his house, eagerly waiting for someone to pass by to hear a story or just chat for a while. What inspiration (I´d use the word ´luck´ but in the work of the Lord, nothing is unplanned) it was that we passed him in his chair under his tree in front of his house at that very moment. We began to talk to him in a cheerful manner and our conversation soon turned to the Gospel. We discovered that Hélio had received the lessons from Elders a looong time ago, and even frequented church for a good time, but he had been an active member of Assembleia de Deus (a very rigorous group of evangelics) and could not allow the message of the restoration seep into his heart. After his amputation, he felt extremely alone, he felt that even his brothers of the church had forgotten about him. When we found him and shared the message of God´s eternal plan and the importance of servants of the Lord, prophets and apostles, here on the earth today, hi hard heart cracked and he let the light enter!
You can´t imagine how many investigators welose ecause of the strong Brazilian habit to drink strong brazilian coffee. Hélio has been drinking café his whole life, but it was a miracle! haha, normaly we have to break out the whole nine yards to help our investigators quit coffee, but the moment we told Hélio it was a sin that was holding him back from more spiritual guidance he made the decision then and there to stop. What a gift! He is soooo strong.
I love my mission and I look back at all of the miracles I have been permitted to witness. so many hearts softened and minds changed. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! EU AMO SER UMA MISSIONARIA! I loved watching the moment three elders extended their hands to help Hélio into the water and with so much care they situated him to help him make a promise with our Heavenly Father. What a blessed opportunity. I´m one lucky girl.

com amor,
Sister Dean


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