Família e amigos,

This week Sister Jientara and I left our area to visit several of the companionships here in the state of São Paulo in our Mission. During our divisions, I had the absolutely great opportunity to work with Sister Nacimento from Belem, Brazil who is currently serving in Marília, Sao Paulo, and Sister Loyola from Hildalgo, Mexico who is serving in Bauru, SP! This weekend has truly helped me to realize how blessed I am to work alongside such talented and spiritually enriched young women. I love to listen to them teach. Every missionary teaches in a manner different from the other, but the spirit and the conviction of the truth is the same.
This week I finally finished the New Testament and I am so overwhelmed with a testimony of the truthfulness of the words of the apostles and prophets. They were men who dedicated their lives to preach the true and everlasting gospel and good news of Jesus the Christ. As a missionary, I look to their examples for courage always. Im the moments of difficulty, I try to remember their examples and preach with authority. I am so grateful for the gospels, the accounts of our savior here on the earth. I cherish His teachings and try to live them!
It is still hot hot hot here in Presidente Prudente but “the heat never bothered me anyway´´ haha, it is so strange for me to think home in Wisconsin you all are just breaking out of the snow. I miss snow sooo much! Heres to winter of 2015!

com amor,
Sister Dean


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