Bom dia com muito alegria!

The transfer here in Presidente Prudente has come an gone and I found out that I will be staying put another transfer here. Transfers are such an interesting way to measure time. A transfer is six weeks. A life measured in six weeks. six weeks to know the area, the members and the people. Six weeks to give it everything you´ve got. I´ve had quite a number of six weeks pass and I am so amazed how six weeks can seem like an eternity; others seem to pass in the blink of an eye! I am excited to buckle in for our next six weeks here.
I am hapy, healthy and working hard. This week or the next we will make a trip to Londrina for a leadership meeting and I am soooo excited to reunite with good friends and hear from our beloved Presidente Genaro! I absolutely love to pass in the city of Londrina. I hope I have the chance to serve in an area in Londrina before my mission ends. Not too much to report this week, sorry this email is so short and flavorless, but we have to run and prep for the trip! eu amo e oro por todos vocês!

com grande amor,

Sister Dean


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