Bom Dia!

Family and friends, I am soooooooo happy to have the chance to write and read your letters every week. What a blessing modern technology is 🙂 This week My companion and I had the opportunity to do splits and I was able to get to know the marvelous Sister Do Nacimento from Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul. The south of Brazil is basically the Texas of Brazil. Lots of cow boys and her accent is great! Sister do Nacimento and I worked like crazy women and contacted more than 250 people in 2 days! She was on fire! I love the oppertunity to be with other missionaries to teach and to learn new tecniques and to help our beloved Brazil Londrina Mission grow.
Lately, I have been reading in the book of Alma and I´d like to share a tidbit that caught my attention during personal study today…. I´m sorry, but I didn´t bring my english Book of Mormon with me today. In portuguese Alma 34:31 reads, “Sim, eu quisera que já não endurecêsseis vosso coração, pois eis que agora é o tempo e o dia de vossa salvação“ , in Sister Dean gringa translation it reads “ Yea, I would that thee would not harden thy heart, for behold that now is the time and day of thy salvation“ <-(Scripture, fancy translation is tougher than it looks) I felt so impressed by this prompting to wake up and to battle for the NOW. now is the time to become better, don’t wait till new years, make a resolution now to let go of the past and to progress. This life is a test and we need to progress. This principle applies to so many of our investigators who have fear to enter into the cleansing waters of baptism, or fear to quit smoking or drinking. As a missionary I need to let go of the worldly things and thoughts every day and tune my mind to the work and the responsibility I have so that I can become a better missionary. each one of us need to always be progressing. Find that fault in your armor and fix it! We need to be prepared for the battle 🙂
I love you all and I pray for you always.

Com grande amor,
Sister Dean


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