Things are going great here! Forgot to mention! I was transferred for the city of Apucarana and I am training again! Her name is Sister Jones from Sandy, UT and she is 19. She reminds me a lot of Jessica in that they are being trained at the same time. I imagine that Jessica is passing through the same adjustments and things as Sister Jones. I will have to send you all pics of us soon. She did her first contact all alone the other day and I´m super proud of her 🙂


Bom dia família!10599467_360871134079623_7399840929928716643_n

tomorrow is my 15 month anniversary on the mission. I realized that it´s the same as Jessica, we´ll celebrate the same mission anniversary. you measure the mission by months. when she is on her 1st month on the 5th on June I´ll be on my 16th I think. I´m sorry if my emails keep getting more and more boring, but I feel like after 15 months of writing nothing too new or flashy has been happening. I would love to answer and questions you have about what I´m doing and about whats going on here. Looks like I´ll stay here in Presidente Prudente another transfer and I might even finish out my mission here… we´ll see. I have one more transfer to go after this one.

I am super duper excited for mother´s day and looking forward to hear from you all. I would love to hear a little about the fall scheduling mom, but I am seriously thinking about using one semester when I get back to recuperate and to work. My money is low and I´d be running on fumes if I decided to study directly after the mish… we´ll see. Also I hope you all have been watching lots of movies! Yesterday a member told me that there is a Avengers2! I got so excited that I dreamed about what it must be like lol.

I love you all so much. Thanks for the messages, heres to mothers day!
Com amor, Sister Dean
psss. also a Sister Smith arrived in our mission a few weeks ago. I met her as she got of the plane. I remember how shocking it was for me to arrive in a new country totally new and alone so I tried to stay by her during the orientation and I found out that she waited 2 transfers serving in the Provo Mission and that Annie Robertson was her first companion in the field there. small world!