Óla família!

It has been so great to hear from you all lately. thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, they were great. This week we have been traveling a lot for Sister Jones´ eye and I will admit that traveling every p day is driving me a little crazy. But on the bright side I have learned a lot about using maps and self orientation. I remember the first big road trip we took where Dad let me be the map Navigator, I almost fainted of happiness. Now I am putting those skills to use, but I would be lying if I said I didn´t miss my gps.
This week was our Branch Conference and it was such a special thing to witness all the members working together to bring as many of their family and friends to the conference as possible! With our faith, and lots of work, we ended up bringing 12 investigators to church.
The time is passing by super fast and I am barely holding on. I am finding myself real excited to go home, but at the same time I know the moment that I leave Brasil I will feel homesick… missionsick. I love you all and am so grateful for all of the support and prayers.
com amor,
Sister Dean


Hi guys,029

I´m here in the city of Apucarana (aka the city of the hills) with Sister Jones and we are loving our time together. We live in the center of the city and have a great view from our apartment. I am almost sure that this is my last area.I can´t believe that my mission is coming to an end. Here the Branch is working very hard to remember missionary work. This Saturday there will be a big Festa Julina party at our chapel. Festa Julina/Junina is a holiday that is native to Brasil and it is so much fun! (You´ll have to google pictures) There will be a lot of food , dancing and non members 🙂 These past few weeks, we´ve been working with an investigator named Rodrigo who has been going to church for about 1 month. He is preparing for his baptism this week, but hasn´t been baptised until now because of a few personal commandment problems. I have so much faith in him and in his will power to do what is right so that he can be baptised soon. I am amazed at the power our Heavenly Father gives us when we have a pure and honest desire to do what is right. It hasn´t hit me yet that I will be ending here soon. I´ve realized that I will not be returning to life before the mission and that I have no idea what to expect from life after the mission, but it´s all good. Everything will turn out all right.
I love you all so much and am excited to see your faces! Also… I will see what I can do about space, but is there anything in particular you all want from Brasil? I´m starting to plan everything out and buy some things. Let me know soon!

amo vocês,
Sister Dean