Last P Day

Hello! We are basically passing in Londrina every week because of Sister Jones´eye. that’s why I´m writing so late today. I am certain that she will be transferred this upcoming week to Londrina so that she can be close to the doctor and treat her eye. I am giving these last few days everything I´ve got! Yesterday, we baptized a young woman named Jennifer. I LOOOVE her. she is such a sweet heart. When we found her I nearly had a hernia from how insistent I was that she went to church. I said “lets go to church this weekend!“ and she always said “no, I´m super shy, I don´t want to go alone“ I did not give up lol. I don´t believe that I have ever been so insistent as I was that day outside of her house when I did not take no for an answer. I knew that the promises of spiritual manifestations we receive when we attend the house of the Lord are real. I knew that if she went to church with an open heart, she would feel something familiar and recognize the spirit testifying of the fullness of the gospel. She agreed and that following week when we went to visit her I was so impressed to see her break in to tears and tell us that this is the path she wants to follow. She told us that she needed to follow Christ, and she admitted that in her previous church, she was not following Him. She asked us to be baptized and 2 weeks later she was able to enter into the waters of baptism 🙂 Jenifer is 14 years old. I love teaching 14 yr olds because I can testify of the spiritual manifestations the 14 yr old Joseph Smith had received. Jenifer will be such a strong force and light to her family and a great leader in the future.
I will admit mom, these last few days are hard to concentrate. I am excited, nervous, anxious and don’t know what to expect from life after the mission. I know that everything will be alright reguardless.