Bauru, Brazil


Sis. Dean maybe will talk later.

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Hola hermana, su hija Sister Dean, no tuvo tiempo para poder escribirles, pero ella quiere que sepan que esta bien y fue para Londrina para recibir a su nueva companhera, porque va a entrenar una nueva misionera que es de los estados unidos, y que probablemente solo va a poder entrar el proximo lunes nuevamente para hablar con ustedes.

muchas gracias por todo..

su companhera de casa. Sister Solis, Sister costay su companhera Sister Munar. ???????????????????????????????

esofuehoy, tuvimospday, con nuestro presidente de mision

*Whitney’s Spanish-speaking companion wrote this letter for Whintey.  As far as I could translate, it reads that Whitney left to go to Londrina to pick up a sister missionary from the United States and wouldn’t be able to send us a letter today.


Bauru, Brazil

DSC03985Querido família e amigos,

       I´m getting settled into the city of Bauru, São Paulo with Sister Munar. Our zone here in Bauru is a machine! We are so motivated and really giving everything we have to the work. This week a single Elder in our zone baptized 10 people!
       Although Sister Munar and I didn´t baptize ten children of God, we helped one man turn his life around and enter into the waters of baptism. We met Vicente on my 1st or 2nd day here in Bauru. We did a street contact with him and visited him at home later that day. He had told us that missionaries had stopped him in the street before, but he never heeded their invites until now. He said something was different about the first time we encountered him and he was truly touched. Vicente is separated from his wife and lives alone and for 25 years he developed a serious drinking habit. In??????????????????????????????? 2 weeks, he substituted his beer for the Book of Mormon and set his eyes on baptism. It wasn´t easy at first, but we were truly inspired to know how to act to help our friend find true happiness. Vicente is a joy and he will do great things in the church to help others.
      Today every single missionary in the mission will travel to Londrina and stay the night to prepare for our Christmas Party tomorrow. I am sooooo excited to see missionaries that I haven´t seen for so long. It truly will be a family reunion. I love the opportunities we have to her our beloved President and his wife speak. They truly are inspired and I can´t wait! Christmas is arriving and it doesn´t feel like it. My mind says there should be snow on the ground. I am excited beyond belief to skype with the fam on the 25th. The world outside the mission is changing sooo fast and I cant wait to see how big Matt is 🙂 I love you all and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I have to serve as a representative of Christ.
Com grande amor,
Sister Dean

Bauru, Brazil


Querido Familia e A migos,

           This week was a pretty big surprise! Last Monday night I received a call from President Genaro letting me know that there have been a few changes made and I was being transferred in the morning! I know mom knows that I take a year and a half to pack my suitcases, can you imagine the craziness that was packing my life up in 3 hours? I was transferred to the city Bauru in the state of Sao Paulo. I am training Sister Munar from Colombia and loving every minute of it! I am soo blessed to have Hispanic companions! I am trying sooo hard to better my Spanish. I really cannot believe the number of missionaries we have in our ward and I am super pumped to practice my broken Spanish with them.
              Arriving in Bauru was certainly crazy. This first week we had to work super diligently to get work done. It is a little intimidating opening an area while training, but sister Munar and I have high hopes for our friends here who are truly preparing to know more about the restored Gospel.
              This morning our zone of 12 companionships was assigned a primary song to sing at the mission Christmas meeting/festa and I was designated official zone choir director lol, I was all sorts of confused trying to translate choir terms in Portuguese but it all turned out and I am so excited for dia 16 to listen to every missionary in the mission sing together and commemorate the birth of our Salvador.   I love the mission and I love the work and I am learning every day how to overcome the difficulties we encounter with the power of prayer and hard work. I love you all and I pray that we can always remember that our families are a gift from God and they were meant to be eternal!
com amor,

Sister Dean