Cardigans and Countdowns

Being in the single digits is seriously crazy! Today was a whirlwind of preparation; ALL of my packing is done, farewell is taken care of and we even got pictures in today! Hopefully these pics will satisfy all of the inquiries I’ve been getting from family and friends! Buying sister missionary clothes was tough but fun. This is only a taste of my wardrobe but I’d love to share where I got anything to help any prospective missionettes along! Pictures courtesy of the lovely Sarah Dean 🙂

                      IMG_2819                        IMG_2822

This is my green combo! The Top, cardigan and belt I got from this cute little boutique in Rexburg, Lulu Bella , the skirt is the polished pocket skirt from the Missionary Mall And the bag is from Deseret Books!

IMG_2829                    IMG_2824                 IMG_2826

Surprisingly enough, The shirt was once again from Lulu Bella and the high waisted pencil skirt  is from the Missionary Mall!

IMG_2834                IMG_2835                 IMG_2836

And last is the yellow!! I LOVE this skirt! the top is from target and the cute coat is on sale at Shopko!

AAAAAAAAND for my good friend, a poll: