Hello family!

This week will have to be real short, we need to leave for a meeting in Londrina and we´ll be spending the day on the bus!

Conference was SOOOOOOOOOO good. I couldn´t help but notice all of the talks on marriage and families. I love you guys and hope you all know that we´re in it for the eternities. This weekend we helped a miracle girl named Tamires be baptized in between sessions. When I get home I´ll have to tell you the story of how she asked to be baptized even before we even mentioned the word ´baptism´ lol, I love my mission.

I love you all and am praying for you! keep me updated!

com amor,

Sister Dean


Família e amigos!

This week has passed by so fast. Nothing too out of the ordinary to report. Sister Jientara and I are working very hard here in the heat of Presidente Prudente. This will be her last transfer and I am so excited to give it everything we´ve got so that we can end her mission with a bang. This Sunday, we were able to help 5 investigators come to church. we´ve been teaching a young man named Marcelo who i an english teacher here in brazil. He was very impressed by the youth of the church and is eagerly learning.
This week I´ve been reading a lot in the book of Alma in the Book of Mormon and I´d like to share something that truly impressed me. The Father of King Lamoni´s life was at risk. In his moment of peril, he offered up to half of his vast kingdom to spare his life. two chapters later, when the king comes to know the doctrine and plan of Christ, he offers up everything he has, even his entire kingdom to receive the joy of eternal life. The true doctrine of Christ has such a high value. I testify that it has the power to convert hearts and change lives.
I am so grateful for each and everyone of you and your prayer. I know that Christ lives and that he loves and guides us. I am unbelievably excited for this week-end to have the opportunity to hear God´s servants speak to us this weekend! General Conference! I old love you hear about your favorite talks and what principles touched you.

Com muito amor,
Sister Dean

Bom dia com muito alegria!

The transfer here in Presidente Prudente has come an gone and I found out that I will be staying put another transfer here. Transfers are such an interesting way to measure time. A transfer is six weeks. A life measured in six weeks. six weeks to know the area, the members and the people. Six weeks to give it everything you´ve got. I´ve had quite a number of six weeks pass and I am so amazed how six weeks can seem like an eternity; others seem to pass in the blink of an eye! I am excited to buckle in for our next six weeks here.
I am hapy, healthy and working hard. This week or the next we will make a trip to Londrina for a leadership meeting and I am soooo excited to reunite with good friends and hear from our beloved Presidente Genaro! I absolutely love to pass in the city of Londrina. I hope I have the chance to serve in an area in Londrina before my mission ends. Not too much to report this week, sorry this email is so short and flavorless, but we have to run and prep for the trip! eu amo e oro por todos vocês!

com grande amor,

Sister Dean

Holy Cow! This week has been so neat and so fantastic but all I can think about at the moment is that the second Sister Dean has been called by the prophet to serve a mission in Canada!!! Way to go Jess!! Go get em tiger! I am so proud to be a Dean girl. I love my family and am so happy of the choices they are making to strengthen themselves, our family and the kingdom of God here on the earth. I know that families are forever!

Speaking of forever families…. Joana´s mom was baptized saturday! I remember the first day we arrived in this new area. We went to visit Joana to get to know her and to try to get her parents to sign the baptismal form. I wont lie, I was a little scared that she would be resentful and a little mean but she was a blessing in disguise. It took Cidinha 10 years to be baptized, but with a little help and some inspiration, she was finally baptized on the 14th of March, 2015!!!!! And you know what it was that was holding her back for such a long time? She has a phobia of water!!! she has been waiting 10 years to be baptized because she had a fear of water! We prayed and fasted and promised her that she could enter into the font with 2 men lol. I will never forget her baptism. Now we are working on the dad. Irmao Carlos will take a little bit more prayer, but families are forever and he will come around!

com amor, Sister Dean

Querido família e amigosDSC04151

This past week, Sister Jientara and I got to know Jaziel. Jaziel wandered into the chapel in the center of the city during an open house. The elders there quickly swept him up and began to teach him. He told them that he felt something different in that church. The elders soon gave us his address (he lived in our area) and we invited him to church. He showed up and loved every second of it! He is such a sincere and humble human being who was so willing to be guided by the promptings of the spirit! We continued to teach him that week and he was completely ready to be baptised the following sunday. He attends institute with his new church friends and reads the Book of Mormon every day. His Baptismal Interview was almost 2 hours long! During his interview any and all doubts that he had were wiped away by a strong spiritual confirmation. I am so grateful for the Elders who work along side us. I testify that the power and authority of the priesthood is real. I am so grateful for the inspired guidance we have as missionaries. Yesterday our zone leaders decided to hold a `mini MTC´. All of the members in the stake were invited to the training. There we had several workshops in training members how to be member missionaries. We practiced answering hard questions and introducing our friends and loved ones to the gospel. Lots of exciting things are happening here in Zona Presidunte Prudente!
Thank you all for the letters and prayers. Your letters make me smile and your prayers give me strength! Remember to always take the opportunities Heavenly Father places in front of us to spread the truth!

com amor,
Sister Dean

Família e amigos,

This week Sister Jientara and I left our area to visit several of the companionships here in the state of São Paulo in our Mission. During our divisions, I had the absolutely great opportunity to work with Sister Nacimento from Belem, Brazil who is currently serving in Marília, Sao Paulo, and Sister Loyola from Hildalgo, Mexico who is serving in Bauru, SP! This weekend has truly helped me to realize how blessed I am to work alongside such talented and spiritually enriched young women. I love to listen to them teach. Every missionary teaches in a manner different from the other, but the spirit and the conviction of the truth is the same.
This week I finally finished the New Testament and I am so overwhelmed with a testimony of the truthfulness of the words of the apostles and prophets. They were men who dedicated their lives to preach the true and everlasting gospel and good news of Jesus the Christ. As a missionary, I look to their examples for courage always. Im the moments of difficulty, I try to remember their examples and preach with authority. I am so grateful for the gospels, the accounts of our savior here on the earth. I cherish His teachings and try to live them!
It is still hot hot hot here in Presidente Prudente but “the heat never bothered me anyway´´ haha, it is so strange for me to think home in Wisconsin you all are just breaking out of the snow. I miss snow sooo much! Heres to winter of 2015!

com amor,
Sister Dean

Querida família (e amigos!),DSC04070-2

Sister Jientara and I may be melting from extreme temperatures, but the heat can not get us down! This week the mission broke the all time record of contacts, more than 20,000! I am so happy to see so many young people united in opening our mouths without fear to invite God´s children to know the restored truths. This week we truly were able to see the fruits of our work. Sister Jientara and I helped 9 investigators attend church yesterday. The parents of Joana are truly opening up. Ever since Cidinha (Joana´s mom) signed the baptismal form, she has opened up a spiritual blockade and is strengthening her resolve to be baptized.
This week we met 6 extraordinary women: Aparecida, Vitalina and Fabiana are a family we found while knocking doors. They are so humble, sweet and ready to learn. Edith is a cute little grandma who lives alone who invited herself to church when we first met her at the door . Carmen and her daughter Carla were investigators we found in the depths of our Area book. Carla has downs syndrome, and is the sweetest little girl on the face of the planet. on her teaching record, we noted that carmen had a very hard time with going to church. When we visited, we picked up an immediate friendship with Carla who declared to her mother she would go to church with the missionaries with or without her! Carmen smiled and marked the hour we would pass by to pick them up on sunday.
These 6 women were truly a miracle. As a missionary in Brasil, it is a struggle sometimes to get investigators to church. A majority don´t have means of transportation. Sister Jientara and I were blessed again as we wrangled two cars and members willing to drive to form a ´mini caravan´ to pass by their houses one by one and pick them up. Every one of them was sitting outside waiting patiently for us to arrive 🙂 I am so grateful to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord. A good friend reminded me that our Heavenly Father is in everything we do. His influence is in every miracle and His wisdom is in every hardship. I am so grateful for the miracles and hardships that I have passed through as a missionary, and I am eternally grateful for the knowledge that He is always guiding me.
Thank you sooooo much for the letters, emails, support and prayers. I love each and everyone of you!

Sister Whitney Dean